Math Assignments that Students are Actually EXCITED to Do

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This past year threw EVERYTHING for a loop. Between hybrid learning, bouncing back and forth from fully remote to fully in person, and either myself or my students having to quarantine, I heavily relied on digital homework assignments for my students. The problem was that many of my students loathed the “traditional” ways of practicing math digitally and often complained it was BORING, and I was having less and less students complete their homework. I was frustrated, and had to find an engaging solution quickly!

Using a variety of Google™ Sheet activities changed the game for my students. Each activity honed in on a specific skill that I was covering in class, where I needed my students to have more practice. Soon, there was more engagement and excitement amongst my students to practice their skills – they were PUMPED to see one of these resources on the homework board for the night.

Uncover the picture

Students complete the questions on the Google™ Sheet. When they type in their answer, correct responses will reveal a mystery picture.

Unscramble the Picture

Students use a drop down menu to choose one question at a time to complete. When they type in their answer, correct responses will begin to unscramble the picture on the screen.

Solve the Maze

Students use a drop down menu to choose one question at a time to complete. When they type their answer, green or red paths will begin to appear on the maze, indicating if their answer is correct or not. There is a Fall Themed 2 Digit by 2 Digit Multiplication Maze FREEBIE in my resource library, hosted right here on the blog. Click HERE to get the password!

And the best part about all of these resources? They are SELF-CHECKING (my teacher brain is jumping for joy at this!!) For each type of activity, my students are able to get immediate feedback as to whether their answer is right or wrong. With shortened in-person days with my students, I especially loved this feature, because I did not have to take time out of my short math blocks to check homework; Google™ does it for me!

I cannot talk ENOUGH about how much these resources have helped solve the digital engagement problem I was having and have truly been a game-changer for me. These types of assignments will continue to be a valuable resource in my classroom for years and years to come!

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