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One of my FAVORITE games to play regularly in my classroom is Math Bingo! I absolutely love having a fully-stocked prize box for our winners to give them the ultimate options and rewards for a great game. Not sure what to purchase? Look no further! Here are my 10 favorite prizes to keep in my prize box:

1. Fun Pencils

The age old question I always get is “Miss, do you have a pencil??” I always have a variety of fun pencils on hand for my prizes – I find that my students tend to keep their pencils longer because it feels special to them. Smencils are SO popular with my students, as well as this assortment of 144 fun pencils!

2. Slime

It’s 2021, and the craze of slime hasn’t gone away! I use this Play Doh Slime Super Stretch and HydroGlitz Variety Pack as an extra special prize for my learners, but once this prize is on the table, they are RUNNING to get it! I also love that these containers are small, perfect for my students!

3. Stress Balls

Having these stress balls on hand are always great for my students. The vibrant colors and variety of different shapes in this Mini Stress Ball Assortment (pack of 50) appeal to ALL learners. Throughout the year, I constantly see my students squeezing their stress balls to help alleviate any worries they might have during the day.

4. Fun Erasers

As I said earlier, I always get asked to borrow a pencil. Since I am a MATH teacher who exclusively uses pencils, the second-most question I get asked is if they can have an eraser! I LOVE to keep fun erasers on hand in my prize box – at any age, my students always get so excited for the fun shapes. I often find that students don’t use these erasers, they prefer to keep them in their desks! Both the animal erasers (35 pieces) and the food erasers (30 pieces) are perfect if you implement a desk pet system in your classroom as well!

5. Stickers

In my opinion, stickers are the BEST and EASIEST quick prize, especially for Math Bingo! You won? Here’s a motivational vinyl sticker. Are scratch and sniff stickers more your thing? Students go BANANAS (…do you get the pun?!) over stickers and they are ridiculously simple to get and implement!

6. Snake Blocks

Snake blocks are great fidgets for students of all ages. Whenever I break out this prize from the box, my students are all over them; they love making different shapes and can help keep them focused!

7. Keychains

All of my students have backpacks and LOVE decorating them with fun keychains. The adorable and fun emoji keychains are always a hit with my learners! I am about to add these new mini pop-it keychains to my prize box this year and I’m sure they are going to be the top requested prize of the fall!

8. Slap Bracelets

For this millennial teacher, slap bracelets give me MAJOR throwback vibes, but my students love these! This pack of 50 slap bracelets have SO MANY designs for any time of the year!

9. Bubbles

Who doesn’t love bubbles?! These big bubble wands are AWESOME for a big prize (full board Bingo anyone?), but these small bubble packs do the trick too! My students loved winning these bubbles because they get to play with them at recess as an extra bonus!

10. Homework Pass

Finally, no student can say NO to a homework pass! I periodically bust these out and my learners HOARD them and redeem their no homework passes when they have late nights or the weather is too nice outside! The best part about these Wacky Themed Homework Passes? They are FREE in my resource library, hosted right here on the blog. Click HERE to get the password!

…And that’s it! My ten favorite prizes to bring out when I play Math Bingo with my students in the classroom (I also use these prizes for other classroom management tricks!). I try to replenish my prize box two to three times a year, and typically restock the favorites of the year. Comment below with what your favorite prizes to keep in your classroom – I’d love to hear about it!

[Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you]

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