The 9 Student Gifts that Don’t Break the Bank!

November 16, 2021 No Comments

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With all of the delays in shipping predicted for the upcoming holiday season, it’s never too early about thinking of a gift for your students! I rounded up NINE of my favorite student gifts…especially when they don’t break the bank!

1. “2022” Glasses

These light up “2022” glasses are such a FUN gift, especially if you teach a class that is graduating in 2022! Last year, we did this for my students and during our virtual winter party, we all wore our glasses and took SO many fun pictures. I cannot WAIT to do this again for my class – I already know they are going to love these!

2. Fun Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Ah…we’re still in a pandemic and I am constantly telling my students to sanitize their hands and I don’t think that this will stop anytime soon. These fun hand sanitizer bottles come in 12 scents and are perfect for your students to keep in their pencil cases or backpacks.

3. Stickers!

In my opinion, stickers are the BEST and EASIEST gift for students! Here’s a motivational vinyl sticker. Are scratch and sniff stickers more your thing? Students go BANANAS (…do you get the pun?!) over stickers and they are ridiculously simple to get and give out to your students for the holidays!


(…I know this is not math related but…) Foster the love of reading over winter break by handing out these fun bookmarks! There are SO many out there, but I love these space themed bookmarks AND the ones that turn a bookmark into a coloring page – they are perfect for any time of the year, but I love adding these into my holiday gifts. My students love to show me their bookmarks and how much they are reading!

5. Fun Pencils

The age old question I always get is “Miss, do you have a pencil??” I am a big proponent of ALWAYS giving a student a pencil and I tend to find that my students tend to keep their pencils longer because it feels special to them. Smencils are SO popular with my students, as well as this assortment of 144 winter pencils!

6. Kawaii Squishies

Who doesn’t love something they can poke, stretch, and squeeze? My students have kept these little friends on their desks and use them for a brain break, as needed. This HUGE pack of Kawaii Squishies have a huge assortment of fun designs, perfect for each of your individual learners!

7. Building Block Sets

Get your students off the screens for a little bit over their break by handing out these mini building block sets! There are a variety of animals in this set, all of which are GREAT activities to do during winter break!

8. Slime Putty

As we head into 2022, I don’t think the craze of slime will EVER go away! I love the Play Doh Slime Super Stretch and HydroGlitz Variety Pack to give my students – especially since who doesn’t love some GLITTER around the holidays? I also love that these containers are small, absolutely perfect for student gifts!

9. Homework Pass

Finally, all you need for this gift is a printer and a scissor! My students LOVE homework passes, and will often redeem their no homework passes when they have late nights or want to enjoy the winter weather! The best part about these winter-themed Homework passes? They are FREE in my resource library, hosted right here on the blog. Click HERE to get the password!

I love to spread the holiday cheer, especially with my students, and love using these different gifts for them. My favorite part? Not breaking the bank with these easy gifts! Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season from all of us at The Math Matrix!

[Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you]

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