All the Materials You Need for Secret Picture Tiles

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Have you checked out how AWESOME Secret Picture Tiles are yet?! I currently have been talking about them here on the blog, because they have become an instant HIT in my classroom. [If you are not sure what Secret Picture Tiles are…check out THIS POST!] My students absolutely love solving the problems and putting together some awesome seasonal pictures.

My favorite part about Secret Picture Tiles? The materials that you need are pretty limited! I’ve linked some of my favorites below, just in case you need some ideas of what you need go get 🙂

  • Communicators, Whiteboard Markers, and Mini Erasers – Sometimes, I do not have my students use the included workspace, and have them bust out their communicators and markers instead to show their work!
    • TIP: I always place a piece of white paper inside the communicator – sometimes, I will put a different sheet of paper inside the sleeve, but in the case of Secret Picture Tiles, a blank piece of paper works perfectly!
  • Scissors – Once your students finish solving, they have to cut out the answer tiles to match them to the correct answers from the problem grid.
  • Glue Sticks – After cutting the answer tiles and matching them to the problem grid, one of the last steps is to glue them down to create the picture!
  • Crayons and Colored Pencils – My students LOVE to express themselves with coloring and I always have extra packs of crayons and colored pencils on hand.

And honestly…that’s all you need for your students to be successful to work on Secret Picture Tiles! Most of the materials you probably already have in your classroom, but feel free to check out some of my FAVORITES, especially if your supplies are running low!

[Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you]

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