How I organize My Secret Picture Tile Binder

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While I consider myself a millennial teacher, one thing that I ALWAYS have in my classroom are binders of printed activities. I don’t know why, but searching through a binder for my activities feels more “teacher-y” than looking through my MESS of a Google Drive (that’s a different story for another day!).

As a newer teacher, I decided to organize all of my activities and worksheets into TYPE of activity. So when I introduced Secret Picture Tiles into my classroom, they immediately got their own binder! In this mini blog post, I wanted to walk you through how I organize my Secret Picture Tiles binder, and maybe it will inspire you to organize yours!

Whenever I download a new Secret Picture Tile Activity, I print out both the Secret Picture Tile and the answer key for that picture. I typically print them double-sided for two reasons: 1. to save paper and 2. to have a master copy immediately at hand so I don’t mix up the answer keys.

In my Secret Picture Tile Binder (mine is a 1.5 inch binder), I put each of the double-sided pictures and answer keys in sheet protectors. I do this because one of my absolute type-A PET PEEVES is when you copy a piece of paper and you can SEE the binder holes.

Because I use Secret Picture Tiles all year long as centers, independent practice, and spiral review (to name a few), I organize my sheets into tabs labeled by TOPIC (e.g., 2 Digit by 1 Digit Multiplication, Order of Operations, etc.). In each tab, I put my sheets in holiday order for the school year. My holiday order goes like this: School, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, Summer, and Patriotic. That way, everything is organized and if I get a new Secret Picture Tile, there is already a system in place!

The last thing I do in my binder is only print each recording sheet for the holiday (which is included in EVERY Secret Picture Tile resource) ONCE and keep them in the back of my binder. That way when I’m headed to the copy machine, all I need to bring are two sheet-protected sheets (the activity + recording sheet for the holiday) and I am ready to go!

And there you have it…my system as to how I organize my Secret Picture Tile Activities. Do you want to see MORE of my systems from my classroom? Comment below and I’d love to write about it!

[Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you]

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