How to Assign Digital Mystery Pictures in Google Classroom in Less than 10 Steps!

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While starting virtual learning in the spring, I looked to create engaging ~digital~ activities for my middle schoolers to get them EXCITED about math behind the screen…and thus, DIGITAL MYSTERY PICTURES were born! My digital mystery pictures are self-checking, and perfect for the digital age we are working in.

**CLICK HERE for a free digital mystery picture!**

The big question that always comes with a new activity is, “how the HECK do I add this to Google Classroom?” Well, here is your DETAILED how to:

Step 1: Open up the Digital Mystery Picture in your Google Drive – there are two tabs (Answer Key & Student Copy)

Step 2: Make another copy of the Digital Mystery picture, delete the Answer Key tab, & rename it “Resource STUDENT” – this is your student copy that you will send out to your students

Step 3: Open up Google Classroom and find the class you want to assign it to and go to the “Classwork” tab:

Step 4: Press the “+Create” button, then select “Assignment”

Step 5: Title your assignment, add any instructions or messages to your students, create the point value, and add the due date (so it shows up on your students’ calendar)

Step 6: Press the “Add” button below the instructions and press “Google Drive”

Step 7: Search for the STUDENT copy we made in step 2, select it, and press “Insert”

Step 8: The resource will now show up underneath your instructions – the dropdown box currently says “Students can view file” – CLICK the box and select “Make a copy for each student”

Step 9: Double check that “Make a copy for each student” is selected, then press the “Assign” button at the top of your screen

And there you have it, everyone! Assigning the digital mystery pictures in Google Classroom have tremendously helped me quickly put out an assignment to my students, and gave them an interactive activity for that day. Click HERE to see all of my Digital Mystery Pictures in my TPT store!

I hope you found this quick guide helpful and I’ll catch you next time for another math tip, trick, or resource!

~ The Math Matrix

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