Why I Love using Google™ Slides Resources in the Math Classroom

November 5, 2020 No Comments

2020 is truly the age of DIGITAL…right? I love being forced outside my comfort zone, especially when it comes to math. When we were told we were going to have to teach virtually, my first thought was, “how do I have my kids show their work?!” And if you’re a math teacher like me, showing your work and thinking is the utmost important skill…and I am a STICKLER for this, just ask my kiddos!

So I was stuck. I was tired of trying to interpret shoddy pictures of my students holding up their scrap paper, attempting to figure out where their answers were and what they did, and how I could give them appropriate feedback. My eyes were killing me and it was a huge waste of my time on my part.

I had a problem…and I knew I had a platform in which I could solve it. I started creating Google™ Slides assignments for my students. The problem was on a single side with step-by-step boxes in how I wanted my students to show their work. I needed a data set in least to greatest order? There was a text box for that! I needed my students to substitute values for the area formula? There was a text box for that!

Soon enough (obviously after a video with explicit instructions), my students were SHOWING THEIR WORK AGAIN! I was then able to look at all of their work and determine, if they got the answer wrong, where their error was – crazy to do online right?! I was able to add direct comments on their work, and to guide one-on-one extra help video meetings. And I take this as a 2020 win in my book.

Utilizing Google™ Slides in my virtual teaching were a GAME CHANGER for both myself and my students – I might even continue assigning them when we are in person, I love them that much!

Want to check out some of my favorites? Check them out below:

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