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November 29, 2020 No Comments

Hello my wonderful readers! I hope that you all had a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving celebration with loved ones, whether you were in person or via Zoom! While I was not stuffing my face with turkey this past weekend, I was incredibly busy adding new products to my TPT store and I wanted to round up my five favorites!

1. Multiplication Task Cards + Digital Google™ Forms Mini-Bundle

This new mini-bundle includes four different sets of 20 task cards + accompanying Google™ Forms. I love these because this product is perfect for any form of 2020 learning: in-person, hybrid, OR virtual. Sets included: 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication, 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication, 3-digit by 1-digit multiplication, and 4-digit by 1-digit multiplication.

2. Distributive Property (No negatives) Uncover the Picture Boom™ Cards

I am a firm believer that Boom™ Cards belong in the middle school classroom. Assign them to your class and get instant feedback! This deck assesses if your students can properly simplify the algebraic expression using the Distributive Property. As the students simplify and select the correct answer, they will slowly unveil a mystery picture! Boom™ Cards are self-checking and interactive, perfect for reviewing this important concept!

3. Christmas-themed Multiplying Fractions Google™ Slides Drag & Drop

Drag & Drops are so fun, and this product is super festive! Students have the opportunity to multiply fractions and drag the correct Christmas light numbers to create their simplified product. There are twelve questions in all and will give your students a FUN way to practice this important skill – and we all know they need it!

4. Greatest Common Factor Digital Mystery Picture for Google™ Sheets

Greatest Common Factor (GCF) was one of my favorite topics to teach and Digital Mystery Pictures were a HIT with my students last year, so I obviously had to combine these two for this awesome resource. As students determine the GCF, they will add the answer to the Google™ Sheet and a mystery picture will start to appear.

I LOVE Digital Mystery Pictures sooooo much, I am giving a FREEBIE away for my exclusive email subscribers so CLICK HERE to get on the list!

5. Winter-Themed Multiplying by Tens, Hundreds, & Thousands Google™ Slides Drag & Drop

Again, I love Drag & Drops so much, they are on this list twice!! This resource is geared towards my upper elementary friends who are teaching multiplication in the winter! Students will multiply a one-digit number by a multiple of tens, hundreds, or thousands, and drag the snowball numbers and a comma to create their products.

All of these resources + my ENTIRE STORE will be up to 25% from November 30 – December 1 on TeachersPayTeachers with the code “CYBER20” at checkout! Enjoy these exclusive deals, but get them while they last!!

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