Assign Interactive Hunt Games in Google™ Classroom In less than 10 Steps

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The “independent work” part of my math block has been transformed with my “Must Do, May Do” choices (…more on this coming soon!). In the newly hybrid teaching world, I love to provide both digital and printable options for my students. One of my favorite online options to include as choices for my students is the Interactive Hunt Games, that I can assign right in Google™ Classroom! Let me show you how to assign these games in Google™ Classroom, in less than TEN Steps!

**PS: Read all the way through for an exclusive FREE Hunt Game, just for you!**

Step 1:

Open up Google™ Classroom, select the class you would like to assign the Hunt Game to:

Step 2:

Click on “Classwork” at the top:

Step 3:

Once you’re in the “Classwork” tab, select the large “+ Create” button on the left-hand side of the screen, then select “Assignment” from the dropdown menu:

Step 4:

Give your assignment a title and add any other instructions for your students. If you choose to select a due date for the assignment, it will then appear in your students’ Google™ Classroom Calendar:

Step 5:

Right below the instructions box, click the “Add” button with the paper clip, then select “Link”:

Step 6:

Paste the link from the Hunt Game PDF into the link box:

Step 7:

The link should appear below the assignment – make sure you select that “Students can view file”:

Step 8:

Feel free to edit any other assignment details on the right-hand side bar. For the Interactive Hunt Games, I always put them under a Topic to better organize my assignments and assign it to more than one of my classes:

Step 9:

Click on the “Assign” button in the top right corner. Your students will now receive their resource on their Google™ Classroom account and are ready to complete the game:

And there you have it! Interactive Hunt Games have been a fabulous addition to my independent work – my students keep asking to play them again! I have included a FREE Prime and Composite Numbers Interactive Hunt Game in my resource library. Sign up below to get the password for this exclusive library:

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